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Dr Brian Healy (1934 - 2004)

(ASNSW The Avicultural Review - October 2004)
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From the editor - Paul Henry

Dr Brian Healy (Veterinarian and aviculturist)It is with great sadness that I inform the members of the death of Dr Brian Healy. His death was sudden and unexpected. On the 19th August whilst attending a meeting of the Associated Birdkeepers Association Brian suffered a massive heart attack and subsequently died.

Bird fanciers have lost a most knowledgeable veterinarian, expert aviculturist and tireless worker for aviculture.

Brian was born in Cowra NSW (8th February 1934) and later when starting high school moved to the Sydney region to attend boarding school. At the completion of high school Brian studied Veterinarian Science at Sydney University.

His first and only employer (which I am aware of) was the NSW Department of Agriculture. For over 20 years Brian worked at Orange NSW rising to Chief Veterinary Officer. Later he moved to Denistone in Sydney where he finished his working life. After retiring Brian moved to Pennant Hills where he built a huge aviary complex and spent the majority of his time with his birds.

His bird collection was extensive. He kept everything from fruit pigeons, finches, small parrots, pheasants, numerous softbills and chooks.

Apart from actually keeping birds, Brian's most important passion was the Associated Birdkeepers Association (ABA). He held the position of Secretary and editor for many years before retiring three years ago. He made what you might call a comeback last year and held the position of Secretary until his death.

Brian held a great passion for the ABA right until his death. Before anyone could enter Brian's yard to see his birds they had to join the ABA. There was always a membership form waiting for any guest. No matter which avicultural club Brian was attending he would be pestering people to join the ABA. He could make a real bloody nuisance of himself but he never really cared as long as he joined up a new member or two.

Through the years he put in a tremendous amount of time and effort in advancing birdkeeping. He was never afraid to take any fight to the highest levels of government and fought tirelessly for the protection of the individual's right to keep birds.

Even though the last 12 months had been a most stressful period with ongoing disputes involving some members of the ABA, I am sure Brian would want the ABA to flourish and all members to support the executive committee in advancing the aims and objectives of the organisation. The protection of birds and the advancement of birdkeeping were principles which he held close to his heart.

Brian is succeeded by his wife Leone of 45 years; his children Bill, Marie, Louise and David; his daughters-in-law and sons-in-law and his grandchildren Jarrath, Aadyn, Daniel, Tom and Molly.

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PROFILE: Brian Healy (ASNSW The Avicultural Reivew - Volume 15 No. 3 April/May 1993) ... "Brian Healy was always going to be a vet. Born at Pennant Hills in 1934, his family spent 10 years at Cowra and a couple of years at Coonabarabran. His father was a keen bird man, with numerous aviaries of Finches, Parrots and even Peking Robins. As a boy Brian was a natural naturist, continually bringing home lizards, snakes and any small animals he could find. He even had his own rabbit warren made from empty drums dug into the backyard. But his mother threw a tantrum when the snake population reached epidemic proportions."

Getting an Aviary in Kogarah by Ivan Cindric ... "Brian Healy again drafted several letters that put forward the views of bird keepers..." and "The legal team consisted of a barrister, Ms Sandra Duggan, and another solicitor Mr Jim Maspero (from Mark Williams' office).  He also organised two expert witnesses - a town planner, Mr Neil Kennan, and an aviculturist, Dr Brian Healy."

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