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Gouldian Finch
(Chloebia gouldiae)

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Gouldian FinchesThis beautiful northern Australian native finch is regarded by many to be the most colourful bird in existence.  Popular around the world as an aviary bird it can be considered to be thoroughly domesticated.  In their natural form they come in three different head colours, being red, black and yellow.


Cocks much brighter than hens especially the purple chest and yellow abdomen.


Basic Finch Mix comprising of pannicum, canary, white millet, Japanese millet and also rape seed, niger seed and hulled oats.

Leaf Greens - endive, cos lettuce etc.

Seed Greens - green panic seed heads, chick-weed.

Mineral Supplements - cuttlebone, shell-grit and charcoal.


Single pairs breed well, but colonies of three or more pairs can also be prolific.  Can be bred in a mixed group of non-aggressive seed eaters but best suited with their own kind.  They build in a box or log with fine grasses.  Lay 3-8 white eggs.


Aviaries should have a north or easterly aspect, be fully roofed and free from draughts.

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