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King Parrot
(Aprosmictus scapularis)

Why buy a pair of King Parrots?

By E J Fulton

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A pair of King Parrots (cock on the left, hen on the right)Copyright © Glenn Matheson (Glenn Matheson's birds)

Well it is like this - quite some years ago I was fortunate to have come into my possession a pair of these wonderful birds.

They were housed in a large aviary and were fed on a very general parrot mix to which was added apples, corn on the cob, spinach and cotoneaster berries when in season.  These birds became very friendly and were always admired by visitors particularly when the male would sit where the sun would catch the vivid red of his chest against his dark green wings.  A wonderful sight!

Yes, they did go to nest but unfortunately, at the time I was somewhat of a novice.  So much so, that when the hen became egg bound I was not sure how to handle this problem and she died.

The male lived on for some 25 years or more in my possession (how old he really was I am not sure).

However, I made up my mind that one day I would again obtain a pair of these wonderful birds.  So I decided on our trip to Wagga Wagga that if I spied a good pair of Kings and they were for sale they would be mine.

As fortune would have it at the aviaries of Royce Angel my wish came true.  There they were in all their glory … they looked at me! … I looked at them! … I must have them!

So with four of my friends urging me on I made the purchase and once again became the proud owner of a pair of Kings.

They are housed in an aviary 5m (L) x 1.5m (W).  Two metres of this is a covered, sheltered section and the other end of the flight has a metre wide cover over a perch area.  A natural tree log some 1.3m (H) x approx 600mm round with entrance hole cut in the top with an access door near the bottom.

The birds have settled in very well with the hen already having made several inspections down inside the log, so things could be good for this coming season.

Once more, I am the proud owner of these wonderful birds and with a bit more knowledge on how to care for them here's hoping there will be more little Kings to admire - WHY BUY KINGS? – THE'RE GREAT!

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