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Red-face Parrot Finch
(Erythrura psittacea)

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Red-Face Parrot Finch (erythrura psittacea)A native of New Caledonia the Red-Face Parrot finch is a colourful addition to any finch collection.  The brilliant green body and contrasting red face, along with their flicking tail and constant moving around the aviary, have made this finch very popular in Australian aviaries.


Males have a bolder red-face with the red passing behind the eye. They also have a trill type song and can be vent sexed similar to the way canary breeders do.

Hens are much duller on the face and green on the body.


Basic Finch Mix (comprising of pannicum, canary, white millet, Japanese millet and also rape seed, niger seed and hulled oats) with added red pannicum.

Partial to seeding grasses, apple, paw-paw, dry egg and biscuit mix, ground charcoal and mealworms or white-ants when breeding.

Also shell-grit, cuttle-bone and crushed egg shells should be provided at all times.


Spring through summer.  Will build in a finch next box or brush.  They lay 4-5 white eggs.


Suited to a dry planted or brushed aviary with some experience in keeping birds needed before attempting to keep them.

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