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Please Note:

Because of Government regulations, we cannot export birds from Australia.  Within Australia some Australian Native birds require an AR number (Aviary Registration number).  Some States require an export and import licence.

"All native birds are protected in NSW under the National Parks and Wildlife Act."
NSW Government - Environment & Heritage - Bird Keeper's Licence

Birds for Sale/Wanted

This is a free service for all financial members.  Please note that all listings as they appear in our magazine are for two (2) issues only.  Adds must be re-submitted after this date.  As the magazine is bi-montly all adds must be received before the third Saturday of the month prior to the issue date.

Please note that listings on the website are published several weeks after the magazine has been circulated to members.

Birds for Sale
Birds Wanted

Birds for Sale

Updated:  5/11/2018

Long and Short-billed Corellas


Short-billed Corella

2017 bred WA Long Billed Corellas Pastinator derbeyi, Muirs Corellas Pastinator pastinator, NT Short Billed Corellas Sanguinea sanguinea (both spoken for at this stage) Kuhli Galahs if pair sold to Townsville.

All cockatoos bred by me have been surgically sexed by Dr Michael Cannon, are stainless steel close rung, majority hand raised, and PCR tested free of PBFD by MDS Australia.

2 X 2015 bred tame hen Kuhli Galahs. 2015 Fitzroy Sulphur Crested Cockatoo cock Galerita fitzroyi. Similar 2014/15/16 bred cockatoos also available including some Short-Billed Corellas Sanguinea gymnopis.

Cockatoo pairs WA Galahs. Eastern Long Billed Corellas. Fitzroy Sulphurs Galerita fitzroyi.

I can air freight ex Canberra at your expense or you pick up conditions apply.

Phone: John 0408 268 173
No texts or emails please -
they will not be responded to

1 Hooded Parrot hen $100
DNA sexed
2018 bred

1 male Mandarin Duck $150

Contact Bob 02 4751 2805

Young Crimson-wing parrots
DNA test certificates available if required

Phone Murray 0402 276 082

Gouldian Finches
Normals and Mutations

Phone Murray 0402 276 082

Scarlet-chested Parrots
Normal hens, Cinnamon hens
(See June July issue Birdkeeper Magazine)

King Quail
New Mutations Including : white, tuxedo, pied red breasted.

Phone Richard 0414 354 699

Young Cockatiels (3)
2 lutinos (male)
1 cinnamon pearl (hen)

Phone Robyn 0448 721 764

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Birds Wanted

Last Updated:  15/02/2018

Cape York Cockatoos: Normantoni Short Billed Corellas, Queenslandica Sulphur Crested Cockatoos Galerita queenslandica and Cape York Galahs-will swap for any of birds I have for sale, conditions apply.

Phone: John 0408 268 173
No texts or emails please -
they will not be responded to

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