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Lost, Found or Stolen Birds

Very occasionally we receive e-mails all calls from members or users of our website who have lost or found a bird, or who have had birds stolen. When requested we have and will continue to list these birds on this page.

To assist we have also listed suggested actions that may help you to recover or find the rightful owners of lost, found or stolen birds.

Lost and found or stolen birds
A bird has escaped, do not panic
Bird Security
Local Help
Online Help

Lost and found or stolen birds

Lost, found and stolen birds are listed in date order.

Over the weekend (23/24th February 2019) someone broke into Trinity's place and stole their Blue Mutation King Parrot who was very special to them all. Trinity has contacted us because she is trying to let as many people as possible in the aviculture world know that he's been stolen so that if the thief tries to sell him, someone might recognise him and let Trinity or the police know.
CONTACT:  Trinity
Phone: 0400 411 423 or the police

LOST - MALE MAJOR MITCHELL from the Newington Area on 8th October 2018
Some kids got into my yard and opened the cage door and a cock and hen escaped. The hen has been recaptured and is still sitting on young birds. The cock bird hung around for a little while but appears to have flown off. If anyone sights him could they please advise me and if I am able to recapture him a reward will be given. Thanking you in advance.
Phone:  0412 404 644

LOST - GREEN RINGNECK PARROT from the Baulkham Hills area on Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Tame, can talk "Hello Bob". Much loved pet.
Phone: 0403 177 732

The bird has a coloured band on its right leg with the ID number. The bird will only be released to the person who can show proof of ownership. Please ring Siena directly if you think this little lost bird could be your lost bird.
CONTACT:  Siena | Customer Care | RSPCA NSW
Phone: 02 9770 7555
Fax 02 9770 7575
Address: PO Box 34, Yagoona, NSW 219

The bird does not appear to have a microchip but it does have a leg ring and identifying number.  It will only be released to the person who correctly identifies it's number.  It would be good to find this little guy's owner.  The poor little bird seems to be depressed.
CONTACT:  Cindy on 0419 842 548

A bird has escaped, do not panic (extract)

Recently I have had several phone calls and listening to the voice coming over the wire in each instance it almost seemed as if the callers had experienced the landing of a spaceship on their aviaries and the panic was on. What had happened to them has happened to others, to me, and probably will happen again to many others. A bird had escaped, and the first thought in mind was to get it back into the aviary as quickly as possible, and inside five minutes if there was a way to do it. This is the first thought of all who experience the escape of a bird, and just how soon it is recaptured depends on the behaviour of the bird and the method employed to achieve the recapture. To assist in this regard, perhaps the following information will serve to solve the problem.

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Bird Security (extract)

By Joe Habib

The following article was presented at our August 2012 meeting to highlight just a few things to think about and put into practice in relation the prevention of the theft of your birds.

It's not uncommon to hear of pet shops getting broken into. The fact is that birds do get stolen and it is something that we hope never happens to anyone.

There are a few basic things that you can usually do, such as padlocks, high fences and dogs; and some people have things like cameras and alarms.  In the yard in regard to the birds, things like micro chipping, rings and DNA testing depending on the birds, can also be helpful.  One of the things that people don't do and should be doing, is to take profile photos of their birds, and in particular maybe little things like toes missing, a nail missing or something else - different things that may help to identify birds if they are stolen.  If you have a case where you believe that a bird could be yours then you've got different things that can aid you in indentifying it.  Especially when you consider the value of your birds and lengths that some people go to, to get the birds, it is a good idea to keep a record of anything that may assist you with recovering your birds.

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Local Help

The RSPCA, local Veterinary Clinic, local papers and noticeboards etc., may be very helpful in the recovery of a lost bird or be able to help you by listing a bird you have found.

In the case of a stolen or stolen birds phone your local police station and report the theft immediately. Post a notice in your local newspaper, shop windows, supermarkets or village noticeboards, etc.  The RSPCA and local veterinary clinics may also have noticeboards where you can post the theft asking for anyone who knows anything at all, or who may know someone with a new bird that fits the description of your bird, to contact the police in their local area and let them know.

Online Help

Have you registered with  They have a large database of parrots where you can report lost, found and stolen birds.  If you have a bird in your care that you have found or if you have lost a bird and you are checking to see if your bird has been listed as found, is a specialised website where you can do this.  It is completely free!

Parrot Alert - List your lost, found, or stolen parrot

IT'S COMPLETELY FREE:  The Global Lost, Stolen and Found Parrot/Bird Reporting and Alerting site
 Now for the first time people can graphically report and search for lost and stolen parrots/birds within towns, cities and countries.