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Tuesday, 5th November 2019

Society's Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month (except for January) at our venue in the Meeting Room at the Ermington Community Centre at Ermington (next to the Ermington Branch Library).

Meetings commence at 7:30pm

Annual General Meeting

Nominations have been received for all the positions for 2020 and due to the overwhelming offers to be a part of the team, a few new roles have been added.

Our meeting next Tuesday will be conducted with a Melbourne cup flare, so a special supper will be available to all that attend to get us in the feathered festive season.

Come along and see the new initiatives that we have been working on for the coming 12 months:

  • ASNSW Conservation Trust - Launch details;
  • New Informative segments in our meetings;
  • Avicultural Review growth changes;
  • Our growth strategy for the future;
  • New sales table available to members and and much, much more.

As someone once said, "You will never, never know if you don’t go!”

We have been visiting fellow bird societies and clubs working closely to form a new venture which we will present to members.

Leila Jeffreys our fellow member is currently presenting her latest artwork High Society on Budgerigars at the Olsen Gallery in Woollahra, we attended the opening night and have a review for you. On till the 9th November- highly recommended!!

Some great initiatives for all to enjoy, so pop in for a very enjoyable evening with fellow Aviculturalists.

Feel free to invite a friend, plenty for all!!

Updates also on the Christmas Party.

Hope to see you all there and share the good news we have.

It’s going to be a big 2020 as the ASNSW Celebrates its 80th Year.


Enjoy a special Melbourne Cup supper and enjoy a good "birdie" chat with our members, their friends and guests!

Raffle tickets ($5 for 3 tickets) are sold at each meeting and drawn during supper. The sale of these tickets goes towards helping to cover costs for the use of the meeting room.

Visitors are always welcome. We love to meet new people and learn from each other's birding experiences.


Evening concludes at 10:00pm.